March 30, 2024

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Are Cheap Contacts Ok For Your Eyes?

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Cheap contact lenses and eye health

Coloured contact lenses were first proposed by Johnson & Johnson in the United States to help people with eye injuries cover eye blemishes. Later, they were widely used in film makeup. Because it no longer focuses on the function of correcting eyesight like the traditional ordinary invisible lens, it gradually penetrates work and life.

However, cheap or inferior quality contact lenses are very harmful. Some cheap coloured contact lenses available in the market are coated with various coloureds on the surface of the contact lens. If consumers use it for a long time, it may cause the lens coloured to fall off or rinse off against the eyeballs, which will cause greater damage to the eyes.

Also, cheap coloured contact lenses often have defects such as insufficient oxygen permeability, so users are prone to problems such as conjunctivitis, and in serious cases, they may even cause blindness. The cornea of ​​the eye is very delicate. Once it is damaged, it is almost impossible to correct it. Even if you stop wearing contact lenses, it will not help.

Nowadays, coloured contact lenses are loved by many youngsters, and the trend of cosmetic contact lenses has also been set off in society. However, the quality of coloured contact lenses on the market varies greatly. The main problems are:

The Packaging Has No Quality Approval Logo

In addition to the regular eyeglass shops operating coloured contact lenses, most of the contact lens packaging bottles in some jewellery stores and grid shops are written in Korean and English, and there is no quality approval or standardized logo. It is impossible to confirm the name of the manufacturer, the address, the distributor, and the matters needing attention.

The Quality Is Uneven

Some of the coloured contact lenses sold in street shops are packed in small glass bottles without outer packaging. The labels on some bottles are damaged, and the signs of some brands are blurred, and the quality is worrying.

Whether It Is A Medical Device Is Difficult To Define

Some jewellery stores and grid shops that sell coloured contact lenses do not know that they must have a medical device business license to operate contact lenses. Some shops think they are selling beauty accessories and think that coloured contact lenses and medical device hooks are “funny”.

Pay Attention To The Problem

Given the above situation, the Consumers Association reminds consumers to pay attention to the following issues when purchasing coloured contact lenses:

  • Before wearing coloured contact lenses, you need to go through a rigorous eye examination. Make an appointment with your optometrist for a professional examination on your eyes. Go to a professionally equipped distribution unit to purchase coloured contact lenses in an examination room, wearing room, optometry room, etc., and be guided by a professional physician or optometrist. Wear them correctly.
  • Coloured contact lenses should be replaced regularly, reviewed regularly, and worn and taken care of in strict accordance with the instructions and the instructions of the physician or optometrist. You don’t want people to think you’re wearing scary contact lenses when you’re not wearing any! Look after your eyes.
  • When wearing coloured contact lenses, pay attention to hygiene to avoid infection caused by the outer covering of the lens. In principle, it should be removed every day for cleaning and disinfection according to regulations. It is best not to wear it when sleeping so that the cornea can breathe naturally and reduce complications.
  • The lens case is easy to breed bacteria and fungi, so it needs to be rinsed with warm water frequently. When you stop wearing contact lenses, you must strictly clean and disinfect the lenses, and soak them in the nursing alcohol solution, and change the solution once a week.
  • After wearing the glasses, if you find that your eyes are sore, afraid of light, tearing, congestion, etc., you should immediately remove the lenses and stop wearing them, and go to the hospital in time.

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