March 30, 2024

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Look at greens differently

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a new way to look at eating greens

Does your family flee when leafy greens crop up in the table? Here are a few bits of advice on which greens to select.

There are loads of leafy green choices, many of which are a part of the cruciferous family of vegetables famous for their cancer-fighting properties. While we can usually find a few of the staples such as escarole at the grocery store year-round, certain leafy greens are in season at different times of the year. Hardier leafy greens such as cabbage, collards, beet greens, and kale are in season during the winter season. Leafy greens easily available in the summer include lettuces, spinach and chard.

The best way to prepare leafy greens depends on which kind you are using, but you can cook leafy greens in possibly an infinite number of dishes. In actuality, it can be wonderful to keep a bag of baby spinach around to add to a recipe whenever appropriate. For example, a handful of baby spinach may work nicely thrown in with some scrambled eggs, mixed in smoothies, tossed in salads or added to whole side dishes.

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